ESOL Education

At the Adelaide Group we believe that education plays a vital role in a young person’s development and assists them in gaining knowledge and understanding that is valuable in progressing towards their goals for the future.

Education also affords young people with the opportunity to develop social skills and gain an understanding of social dynamics and indeed a better understanding of themselves as a person. In line with this belief as an organisation we encourage all young people to actively engage with education and we prioritise it as a key aspect of our support.

Every young person who is accommodated at the Adelaide Group will be enrolled into a local, and accessible, college appropriate to their age and level of education. Their support worker will assist them in this process and then also aid them in accessing their education. They will show the young person how to get to the college and what to do once they arrive. There is no specified time limit or amount of times that a worker will be required to do this, they will continue until the young person is capable and willing to do so unaided.

Support workers also aid young people in completing work that is assigned to them for completion at home. Ensuring they have access to the internet when required and assisting them in understanding the tasks assigned.

In addition to formal education the organisation ensures that young people are educated in a much broader sense and in a wide context. As a service we offer additional teaching of the English language in house - this takes the form of established programmes such as ESOL or Creative English.

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