Independent Living Skills

It can be extremely difficult or a young person coming to the UK from a vastly different culture, where food is different, communication is different, everything is different. This is why Independent Living Skills is vital for a young person living in the UK for the first time.

In order to assist the young people to manage all aspects of their lives in the UK and to prepare them for their move on from our services each young person will be equipped with information and knowledge around areas such as money management, budgeting, basic home management, accessing local services, accessing health care, cleaning and maintaining a healthy living space, cooking and shopping.

Staff are encouraged to run as many of these sessions as possible and tailor them to the desires of the current residents - making specific effort to engage them in the planning and delivery of sessions. We are keen to ensure that young people take a central role in these activities and alongside staff led sessions we encourage young people to share knowledge and skills with each other, equipping them each with opportunities to lead sessions and advance their skills in leadership, communication, planning and in doing so improve their confidence.

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