Full Freedom Full Safety

To continue our promise that safety is at the top of our priority, we have created a custom, safe and secure internet system, exclusive to The Adelaide Group.

This advanced system allows us to individually control internet access to each young person, depending on their required needs.

We know the internet has the ability to make an isolated young person feel connected to the outside world, through familiar music, news in their own language and images they recognise and understand. That's why we have designed a unique system that allows us to monitor, control and limit access to the internet so young people in our care can stay safe and connected at the same time.

If a young person is not allowed access to social media, but needs access to the internet for homework, we can limit their access to research and education only. This is one of many of the advanced system controls we have in place for the protection of each placement.

Finally, the whole system is protected by and advanced network wide VPN service which protects the identities of users, making their location impossible to track.

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