Supported Accommodation

Recently there has been an increasing amount of negative press towards the Supported Accommodation industry, highlighting huge issue amongst lack of care and quality of the very facilities the children are placed within. This is not OK, and it's not OK with us.

The Adelaide Group was setup because we believe children, regardless of wether they come from within the UK or abroad, deserve the highest quality care and support to help them transition into adulthood - a difficult task, made more difficult by the often tragic circumstances these children experience. We want to see every child we are blessed to work with excel and become the best person they can be.

House Parents

Our first step to fixing the supported accommodation modal is to put the right parents at the heart of the house to encourage community and provide a loving role modal to each child. We believe the love of a parent is irreplaceable, thats why these children are reaching out for the support of someone who can show love to them like a parent, because they simply don't have access to that.

Our strategy is to place a two House Parents into each house who live in full time, with the only responsibility of being a parental role modal to the kids. These parents will encourage, support and help each child in any way needed to make them feel they are protected by a loving and caring person, just like within a traditional and successful foster care modal. The House Parents roles and responsibilities only include providing the loving care and support a child needs from a parental figure. All other care and services are provided by dedicated Support Workers to allow the House Parents to focus on connecting on a personal level with every young person in the house.

Support Staff

To aid the fantastic work the House Parents provide on a personal level, each house has dedicated Support Workers, appointed full time during the day as well as after hours. They are responsible for handling all matters in the house that the House Parents cannot, as well as providing the on the ground work and support each child requires. These Support Staff are also be responsible for carrying out on-site education, such as our ESOL and Creative English programmes, optional group activities for all the young people in the house, from in-house games and projects to group trips to theme parks, museums, or whatever the young people collectively choose to go and do.

Creative Outlet

We believe in the importance of having an outlet into a creative skill. On top of the group activities provided by the Support Staff, we also run creative activities and lessons into areas such as Woodworking, Hair and Beauty, Music, Video Production and Photography lead by Support Staff with knowledge and experience in each of these areas. This allows the young people to focus on activities that they enjoy, whilst learning a skill that they can use for the rest of their life. This part of our modal is extremely successful in increasing motivation and pride in young people. Find out more about our Extra-curricular Activities.

These are just some of the ways we are working to change the unsuccessful Supported Accommodation modal into a successful modal that brings about real and measurable change in the lives of young people preparing for the rest of their lives. To find out more, please do contact us or check out our other services.

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