Support Worker

We are looking for enthusiastic and passionate members of staff to become part of a team of dedicated workers providing support and guidance to vulnerable, unaccompanied, separated and displaced children from abroad. Assisting them in acclimatising to life in this country and helping them learn the skills necessary for them to thrive.

The Adelaide Group exists to bring about dynamic positive change in the lives of people who haven’t had the best start on their journey. Everything we do centers around providing the best possible level of care, tailored to each and every individual. We strive to always go above and beyond in all things.

Our philosophy is that each life matters, and at The Adelaide Group, we never want to miss the opportunity to transform someone's life for the better.

Qualifications and Skill set:

There are no specific qualification requirements but the role requires that you directly support young people from abroad who may have experienced trauma. Therefore, any qualifications in support work, mental health, or the like would be looked upon favourably. It is important that candidates are able to form good relationships with young people, taking into account different cultures and backgrounds. They will ideally have previous experience in a similar setting.

Daily Responsibilities would include:

  • Provide direct support to young people living at the address - assisting them in integrating into society, accessing local services and developing the skills necessary to live independently.
  • Engage with the young people and spend time with them partaking in positive activities to aid them in learning important skills - both practical to living and also cultural and social skills.
  • To partake in shift work as part of a regular pattern to ensure continuous support is provided to the young people, including some evenings and weekends.
  • Manage the house and monitor any guests and visitors.
  • Tackle anti social behaviour and respond to incidents as they arise, whilst on shift.
  • Liaise with social workers and any other agency providing support to the young people to ensure appropriate information is shared.


£18,000 - £21,000

For applicants that possess a degree level social work/youth work qualification, an enhanced salary package would be considered.

Benefits include:

Gym membership Regular staff development and training opportunities *Regular supervision and line management

Download Application Form If you require assistance filling in the application form, please contact us.

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