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Phil and Jo are fundamentally parents at heart, they have two grown-up children and have fostered more than 80 other children over several decades. They are currently enjoying fostering separated and trafficked children from other nations.

Over the years they have gained lots of insight into providing the best quality of care and repair, however, their passion is to see children and thrive and reach their full potential. They have also gained 30+ years experience of leading church, helping people from all backgrounds and ages navigate the best and toughest times of their lives, earning a reputation as 'parents' of the city of Norwich.

Jo has worked for many years in residential social work, management in the YMCA and pastorally in schools going through special measures, alongside many other roles. Together Phil and Jo manage Norfolk's biggest Foodbank distribution centre and come with a wealth of experience in a variety of different areas.

Their eldest son, Jono works as The Adelaide Group's Business Development Manager. Jono is a worship leader, musician and creative, with experience in the live-event production industry. Ben, Phil and Jo's youngest son works at the local hospital and has a passion for working with children. Ben also serves as a volunteer in the kids ministry at Alive Church.

Watch Jo's TED Talk on Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children

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